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Melt into your senses with our plant-based moisturizing massage oil candle. Its easy-to-use spout and Kava Kava-infused formula ensure a pleasurable pour every time. Wild Lust - Lime Leaves, Ambrette, White Peach.

Dame Massage Oil Candle - Wild Lust

SKU : EVA-1555

    Light wick and allow enough oil to melt into an even layer, approximately 20 minutes. Extinguish flame. Pour oil directly onto skin or scoop out with finger tips. Massage into skin for a nourished and smooth after-feel.

    For best user experience, ensure the wick is trimmed and burn an entire layer to prevent well forming.

    PLEASE NOTE: If burning the candle for an extended period of time, please ensure to temperature test the glass vessel before picking it up.

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